Electrified Lawn Dancing Light Spectacular

A image of a light show at a house, in Lakeland, FL.

What you need to know, before you go!

A laser light show by Electrified Lawn

Christmas Eve Special: 12/23 & 12/24

Where to find us
Welcome to the 2022 Electrified Lawn Dancing Light Spectacular. We’re thrilled you’re here! We are located on the north side of Lakeland Florida at 5550 superior Drive. Feel free to visit us in the evening this holiday season. Our lights are on every night until 10PM. On the weekends we host our original choreographed production! Keep in mind if you attend, we do ask that you please park in one of our lots in the front of the community, to respect our wonderful neighbors.


There’s more than lights!
We are pleased to have fun activities for all ages. We have a 360° Photo Booth that is sure to capture your good side! Refreshments on occasion and more.

Fun facts About our display

We have over Five thousand pixels this year that have each been strategically hand placed and wired. Everything you see here is custom! Each bulb can be individually controlled and programmed down to a fraction of a second. There is almost 2 miles of electrical wiring ran to power our low energy LED pixels!

This display all started with an individual that has been hands on with Christmas lights all his life that began to grow passionate about spreading positivity in the community though lights. We are blessed to be able to host a much more elaborate display today!

How we built it

This display is not something that can be store bought! Our design and manufacturing team has put the time in when it comes to making this display a beauty. We have been working year around on fabricating new original components to the display as well as programming the software side of things to make the lights dance. We are thankful to have such a great team put in the hours to make this show happen!